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JChurch committees are an important part of the life of South Side Christian Church. The following is a list of those committees and their descriptions. Look the committees over and prayerfully consider volunteering for one of them. It takes many people to make these committees work and this may be the place where you can serve.

To learn more about each committee, please click on the name of the committee.


CHRISTIAN ACTION: Acts as a liaison between the congregation and the community and determines use of monies budgeted to this committee. Provides help to church members and/or members in the community who request assistance. Among their many projects are: sponsoring Family Promise, Christmas Breakfast with Help Me Grow, Young at Heart dinner, etc. Meets monthly.


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Responsible for guiding the  spiritual education of the congregation. Selects Sunday School and Junior Church curriculum and oversees the nursery. Organizes and supervises Vacation Bible School and is responsible for recruiting and training all teachers. Works with other committees on social events of the church, e.g. Advent Breakfast, Sunday School Kick-Off Breakfast, Family Christmas Celebration, etc. Meets monthly.


CONGREGATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAM: Nurses of South Side look more closely at the health of our congregation, body, mind, and spirit. Blood pressure screenings are after Sunday morning worship on the first Sunday of each month. We want to involve nurses in visiting some of our home members…maybe accompanying a minister when they make their home visit.


FELLOWSHIP: Responsible for the social events of the church. The Chair of the committee appoints a chair for each event, who in turn selects a committee to work on the project. Examples of events are : All Church Picnic, All Church Retreat, Family Advent Christmas Celebration, Lenten Soup & Salad  Bible Study, etc. No regular scheduled meetings, however the Chair monitors each event.


FINANCE: Supervises the raising and disbursing of funds necessary for the operation and maintenance of the church and any special    program authorized by the church Board. This committee prepares an annual  budget  and  presents  to  the church  Board  and congregation for their   approval.   The   Stewardship   Committee   functions   as sub-committee under this committee. Meets monthly.


GIFTS: Responsible for acknowledging and determining the use of all memorial gifts to the Church. Meetings are scheduled as necessary.


MEMBERSHIP: Responsible for name tags on Sunday for the congregation. Develops an evangelism program on a yearly basis that includes delivering cookies to visitors, compiling a list of perspective new members, introducing new members to the congregation by  posting their pictures on the bulletin board and writing a welcome in the Friendly Visitor. The committee is also responsible for the church directory when it is time for a new one to be prepared. This committee helps with various social events in conjunction with other committees, e.g. All Church Picnic, Family Christmas Celebration, etc. Plans New Member Receptions at least twice a year. Meets monthly.


PERSONNEL: Oversees the recruitment and employment of the Church Office Manager, Church Secretary, Director of Music, Staff Musicians, Custodian(s) and Maintenance Personnel, as well as,    developing the Personnel Policies for Lay Employees of the Church. This committee is responsible for the performance evaluation of the Church Office Manager. Meetings are scheduled as needed.


TRANSPORTATION: Responsible for raising funds for the purchase and maintenance of a vehicle that can be used by church groups.


VOLUNTEER: Responsible for administering all volunteer functions. This includes recruiting, training and supervising volunteers. Meets as needed.


WORLD OUTREACH: Responsible for strengthening congregation awareness for missions. Responsible for promoting and planning for special mission offerings.


WORSHIP: Assists the minister in planning worship services. Responsible for preparing the sanctuary for observance of seasons of the church. Assists in securing and training acolytes and worship leaders. Meets monthly.




Christian Action: Barb Robinson
Christian Education: Joy Miller
Communication Coordinator: Ginny Stump
Congregational Health: Lora Streets
Fellowship: Jeanne Somers
Deb Hyter
Finance: Jim Smith
Gifts: Lee Snyder
Jean Ansley
Membership: Peggy Miller
Personnel: Terry Miller
Transportation: Nancy Prorok
Volunteer: Carmen Mullane
World Outreach: Cheryl Nagy
Worship: Myra Moneer 
If you would like to serve on or have any questions about any of the above committees , please fill in the following form and we will get back with you.
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