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Saturday, February 25 2012

Psalm 51: 1-17

    In this passage, David has been approached by the prophet Nathan.  David has recently committed adultery with Bathsheba.  He also arranged for her husband Uriah to be sent into the most dangerous part of the battle with the Hittites.  Doing this, he arranged for Uriah’s death.  David could have been put to death because of either of these sins, but he was not.  Here David is acknowledging his sins and begging for mercy.  God allowed mercy to overcome His judgment and He listened to David’s pleadings.  Our merciful God does require of us a sincere and humble confession.  He does not require animal sacrifices but He does require a contrite heart.  We all have had times in our lives when we have sinned and asked God for forgiveness, and what matters to Him is the sincerity we feel and express.

    At a time in my life when I was not close to God, I felt that I could control things and handle my life all by myself.  I was young; I landed a good job and moved to a new city.  I was a small town girl sowing her oats in the big city.  How easy it is to get full of oneself!  I decided to marry a young man I barely knew.  Twelve years and three children later, I found myself in a situation that was miserable.  After many hours of praying for guidance, I filed for divorce.  I was aware that I was causing my parents a great deal of anxiety, but I truly felt that I was doing what God wanted me to do.  I decided to focus my life on God and my children and not myself.   After several years, I became good friends with a fellow teacher.  We had similar interests and God was important in his life.  We later married.  I truly believe that God sent Chiv to me.  Chiv was a blessing to me and my children.  I thank God every day for forgiving me for the mistakes I’ve made and allowing me to find such a wonderful, loving husband and father for my children.  God truly is a merciful God.

Dear Heavenly Father, For Thy mercy and grace we thank You.  You have given us such blessings even if we do not deserve them.  We ask You to help us to always follow Your guidance and always tell others of Your love and grace.  Amen.


                                                                                                                            Sue C

Posted by: Peggy Miller AT 12:00 am   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
Thank you Sue. We were all blessed to have Chiv in our midst.
Posted by Bobbe Nagy Farmer on 02/25/2012 - 06:56 AM

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